Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ok.... just a quick post! My phone was microwaved by a small child!!!! I am not sure how he knew where the on button was but, I have lost all my phone numbers and need people to text me or call because I have lost all numbers!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Deer

Well..... on our 20 hour/ 3 day drive to Canada we had an accident!! To give you some background on the story, Clarice(my sister in law from Brazil), Danielle and I were driving to Canada. We were driving Danielle's little old Honda Civic.(its a baby car) anyway.... it was late, and it was dark, we were trying to make it to the next town so that we could get a hotel for the night. We were driving in the middle of... NO WHERE.... and we had been on this small two lane highway in the middle of the night for a really long time. It was really scary no cars ever drive on these roads!!! OK long story short it was raining, Clarice was driving, mind you they don't have deer that run in the middle of the road in Brazil! Well this deer was chilling on the side if the road and decided to run into the side of our car. Clarice was smart and just hit the deer instead of swerving so that we didn't die! But, Danielle's car is now dead!

So as you can tell the deer ran into us!! It ran right into the side of the car! NOT THE FRONT..... THE SIDE!!! Also good news we didn't kill the deer we just gave it a hair cut! Ha Ha very funny!