Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well as  most of you know I was pregnant! But When I went to the second doctors visit we received bad news. The baby's heart had stopped beating.... our  baby has gone back to heaven. After crying for a week straight!!! I am now feeling better about the whole situation. I am  just thankful for my wonderful husband who has been by my side and comforting me everyday. Leo is moving to Canada this summer and I was going to stay behind and finish a semester of school. Now, I can't even think of being away from him all summer. I have decided to go along with him. I am just waiting for approval from the nursing department so that I can take some of my generals online. We are going to plan another baby in about three months!! (hopefully everything will go well) Also we are looking for someone to stay in our house this summer and baby sit it! RENT is free if anyone is interested please let me know!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our House is Finally DONE!

OK...... so we had a flood if you remember from my past post! Our house is DONE!!! It has been a long 4 months since the flood and its finally clean and no more workers. Here are some pictures of our home.
This is Leo's Favorite bathroom because it is the closest one to the T.V room.
This is the living room.... OK secretly you will find that the Sagebin's love brown!
OK I lied when I said it was done!!!! This is the last room of the house that needs a few things done! But we like to close the door and pretend that its done!!! This is the place where the flood started.
This is where we sleep at night!!! Just in case you wanted to know!!!

Leo's room!!! If ya know what I mean!! He spends countless hours here watching soccer and dreaming of being a pro!!

Our temporary bathroom! until ours is done! The rate the restoration company goes it may be permanent. When our basement is done I will post pictures of it! Leo designed it so its his pride and joy! (Its like our baby) And as for the other rooms.... well they have nothing in them!!!!! Maybe one day!! Like a baby?? ha ha

A Visit From Danielle

Danielle Finally came to visit me! Lately she has not had time to come visit her best friend! So this was a one in a life time event!!! This is why I am blogging about it!! We went on a group date! It was good to see all my old friends!! Short and sweet blog!