Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day In San Francisco

Leo and I drove to San Fran so Mikah and I could fly back to Utah while Leo  finishes his work in Cali.
It was our first real family trip. It was so much fun!! Besides for the fact we didn't have a stroller and Mikah weights alot!  We had a great time. The first night Leo took me out for Crab.. Crab is my favorite sea food, but really hard to eat when you have a baby. So Leo ate, then watched Mikah while I got messy! The next day we woke up early and went shopping. While we were out shopping Mikah needed his diaper changed (and his clothes) so at forever21 I went in a dressing room and started to do just that..... then..... a fountain of pee.!!!!! So needless to say we got to buy him some new cute clothes!! I love H&M boy clothes, they are so cute! Every time we go there I end up buying tons of things for Mikah in all different sizes(cause we only go maybe once a year) After our backs were broken from lugging shopping bags and Mikah around the city we went to The Aquarium at the bay. It was neat to see all the fish and sharks in the tunnel walkways. Mikah liked looking at the fishies..It was kinda cold in San Fran! Not Cali summer weather. We ended our night at The Rain Forest Cafe. It was alot of fun, we are going to miss Leo dearly. But, its just a few weeks!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life in Cali

We are renting a house in Cali for a month while Leo works. It has been really fun, we live with Jordan and Abby. We love it here, But I really really miss my house! Mikah is almost five months old! He is so big! He has not been to the doc since he was 1 month old, so I am not sure how much he weights.But i know he is one big dude. He is almost sitting up all by himself. He loves our dog Dakota and laughs really hard when ever Dakota comes near him.
Mikah loves baby Einstein. every morning he wakes up and that is the first thing he wants to do. Leo and I don't mind because we get to sleep just a few mins longer!!
We Went on a hike up Fern Canyon, with Abby and Jordan and Anton.  It was so beautiful.
Our house! Its in the woods! I think we might find big foot, out here in the Redwood forest. I can't wait till we live in our house... one more month of work then its all fun and games for the next few months!

Mikah being a big boy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Recipie Website

My Friend Abby and I have started a food blog. It is called A D-A-S-H of delish. We will upload new recipies everyday. There will be a large varitey of food. Everthing you can imagine. Please check it out and leave your feed back and we will keep the recipies coming.  Please follow the link below to the site and add it to your blog rolls.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Canvas Print

I found this free Canvas print. I order some of Mikah, they have not arrived yet, but I don't want anyone to miss out on this great offer. Check it out!!!You can get a free 8x 10 print or upgrade to a bigger size. The offer is for $55 off. Its great!!! Clink on the link to order.Free Canvas print.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leo's Scuba Lessons

Leo and I  and baby Mikah are going to Indonesia and Thailand some time next year with my dad. So we need to get scuba certified. My dad gave Leo his first lesson in my parents pool. I have been scuba diving before but leo has not. He was excited, but very nervous, in order to get certified, we need to go scuba diving in a lake in Utah. This was just preping him for what is about to come!! It was really scary doing it in the crystal clear water ocean, I can't imagine how scary it will be in a lake. I can't wait for our trip~!