Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New House is Wet!!!!!!!!!

Last night I came home from work and my house was flooded. All three floors had more than two inches of water and the basement had about six inches of water.... everything is ruined! The sad part is we have only lived there for two weeks! Our walls our floors and the framing all need to be replaced! I am so thankful for my serving neighbors that came to help cause I didn't even know how or where to turn the water off! ( and Leo was gone on a business trip) But about 30 people from our new ward came and helped us move all of our furniture out, and rip up all the carpet, vacuum up the water. I will have to post pictures of before our new house got flooded and after! Sad... Sad day. But on the bright side of things we are moving home with our parents.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I need so help... I need some creative ideas for Christmas gifts for my family. I know its a little early.. but Leo's family always gives really creative gifts, and I am not creative! On a good note we are moving into our new house on Saturday!! I will post some pics later. I have been really busy applying for jobs, and getting ready to move.