Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Washngton Here We Come..

Well I found out today that Leo's work is moving us to Washington for the rest of the summer! I am excited.. and a little nervous at the same time. Some of the gals here are from Washington. They gave me some tips on what to do there in my spare time (because as most of you know I have a ton of that). They only gave me two options, "the mall and the river" and I was really excited about the whole river thing till my friend Andrea who is from Washington, told me well "there is a huge river right by where you are going to live. Its like a mile wide!!!" UM I don't think i will be floating down this river it I might never come home. Not only is it a mile wide but I will have no idea where I am. So...... this week we are really busy. We had such a short notice to pack and on top of that, I am studding for my Nursing Entrance Exam that I have to take on Tuesday morning in Salt Lake, and I have my interview that same day..That night we are on our long 15 hr. journey to the unknown state of Washington.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Sales

Well as you know we are in Las Vegas for the summer, but we come home in a month and a half. I am very excited! I don't know who would want to live in a really really hot place! You walk outside at midnight and it is still 100 degrees. I really think Leo is insane for knocking door to door in this weather here. We Just celebrated Leo getting 100 sales.. Congrats to him. It has been a great summer here but we miss our families, and we are ready to have a normal life again. Leo is still going to sell... for some weird reason he loves it! And as for me , I am hopefully going to start nursing school.

Life In Vegas

Saturday, July 12, 2008

All Grown Up

FrOm ThEn AnD NoW

Leo and I were looking at some old pictures of us in high school.. And it was funny to see us then and now.. We are still amazed at how it all turned out.... From high school sweethearts to, ummm I guess you would say, happily ever after.
This is us when we were younger Jamie Boyter and Leo Sagebin

Me and Leo at my cabin for the first time, hahah we got a little bored....

Leo came with me and my family to Disneyland for his first time... He loved it so much he made sure to make it one of the stops on our honeymoon..

I took Leo to the M.T.C.
This looks like fun but you should have seen Leo naked on our honeymoon.. huba huba.. hahah... (Leo wrote that not me)...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well it has been 130 years since I have added anything to my blog... Nothing new in HOT Las Vegas.
Leo and I just got back from a week vacation with our families. It was great to see them. We had alot to do while we were there.. like weddings weddings and more wedding stuff. Fernanda and Jake got married and Rod and Clarice. It was all fun and games till i had a tooth ache and had to have tooth surgery. But don't worry I am Ok! So that is the latest update. Short and sweet. I will post pictures of the last three weeks in a few days..
I finally got my wedding pictures back...here are a few

Leo's sister Carol and her kids Mia and Olivia

Leo and his brothers