Sunday, May 27, 2012

2 years old and 2 months old.

I can't believe Mikah is 2 years old. Mikah likes sports, legos, cars, animals, monster trucks, and painting. Mikah talks so much, sometimes he blows me away at the things he says. Mikah can communicate pretty much everthing. If he doesn;t know a word for something he descrbes it so we know what he is talking about. He has started playing soccer with a group here in houston called soccer tots, he absoulty loves it! Mikahs favorite foods these days are nuts, seeds, bubble gum, carrots, any fruit, tic tacs,pizza, chips and tacos he calls them sandwiches from the local taco stand. (he cries to go here, and so do I;-)) He has definatly hit the terrible 2's and I don't think it helps that he has a baby sister. Mikah finally likes going to nursery by himself. Today he killed a bug with his shoe and he asked mom "why its not flying?" i said "you smashed it so it died and went to heaven. his response "I like to go to the cat store not to heaven" he is so funny, and  has a mind of his own. He is starting to pretend alot, and trick mom and dad. Mikah is sleeping from 11pm-8am and takes a nap from 2-5. Mikahs favorite thing to do is play with friends. Everyday he askes to play with friends, he is a very socal kid. It has been nice cause there are alot of kids here his age. Mikah loves to go swimming, which he will be doing alot of this summer when we are all melting in the heat. But he likes to be held in the pool and is to chicken to swim with his floaties. His favorite movie is Rio, he could watch it all day, everyday if i let him. It has been nice cause he has picked up a few portugese words from watching the movie. He really likes music, I can turn on pandora radio and if a song comes on from a show he has seen he will say, lion king, tangled, dumbo, tarzan. He has a very good memory. I have to be carefull of what I say to him, if i tell him tommorrow we are going to the zoo, he will wake up asking to go see animals at the zoo. Also If i say we will biy batteries for your toy at the store. He reminds me to get batteries when we walk up and down the aisles of the store. he also points to things such as doritos and say daddys chips, and pistacios and say jessies snack. He has a very good meomory and is a very visual learner.  He has been such a great helper with the baby. He always tells me he will be right back he needs to check the baby... and gets things I need for her. He loves shoving her pacifier in her mouth. He is wearing 18month-2T clothes and a size 7-8 shoe. He currently weighs 30lbs. Little Mikah man is a big dude.

Liliana is 2 months old and is such a good baby. She coos and smiles all the time. She loves when people talk to her. She is really good at putting herself to sleep. I remember bouncing mikah for hours to put him to sleep. She is really gassy in the evenings, but other than that she is an angel and just goes with the flow. She goes to bed at 9:30 0r 10pm and wakes up at 2:30 and 6:30 to eat. She sleeps with us and loves to be snuggled really tight in my arms. I dont mind this one bit... During the day mikah keeps me really busy and its nice to have some snuggle time just for the baby. I think she eats like 3 oz every feeding but yesterday at dinner, she drank 4.5 oz. She is definatly getting chubby, just like mikah did. She has a very loud scream that she does when she is tired or needs a diaper change. I have had a few people tell me in public that she has a little temper. When she is mad... she is really mad!! Here are some pics of the kids.
                                                             Liliana loves her swing.
                                                     Lily playing legos with Mikah
                             She loves bath time, whenever she is grumpy, I give her a bath.
                                                             2 months old to the day!

                                                                        Mikah birthday

                                             Here are a few pics from our sea world trip.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Liliana sagebin

It's been a long time since I have posted and now that we have moved to Texas I need to keep my family updated. Lilian was born march 15, 2012 at 6:19 am she weighed 7lbs and was 19.5 inches. She has been a good baby so far:-) Mikah loves having a sister. He always asks me to set her down, and when she is eating, he thinks he needs water or a snack. Sometimes if she is crying he will rock her or hold her hands. I can't wait till they can play together!! Mikah thought that liliana was his cousin baby Asher, till we arrived to texas.. Then it was confirmed that this is his sister and she is here to stay.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 YEAR OLD...Better late than never!!

I have waited long enough to post!! I am waiting a few more months to go private because we will be traveling and want our family to be able to view our blog. Mikah is A LITTLE OVER ONE!! I never thought this day would come.. Mikah is such a blessing to our lives. He makes me enjoy the simple things in life all over again. I can never go outside with out playing with sticks looking for bugs and animals. I love feeling like a kid again!! He is my very best friend, and I couldn't ever go a day without him!!! Mikah is walking, but still a little off balance. Mikah is really good at baby signs... he can tell me more, food, milk, bottle, bye bye, night night. He can make animal sounds and point out body parts. He loves food but is very picky!! He likes to pick out his own food, the kid is very opinionated!! Mikah loves to play outside and loves playing ball and sports. Every morning he goes to watch Leo play basketball and just sits in his stroller without making a peep! Everyday we take Dakota on a walk and Mikah has to hold the leash. Mikah loves going swimming.... but has grown to hate the bath tub, oddly enough. Since we are living in Mississippi for a few months we bought him a travel bed, that is a tent. He loves it so much it has been the best thing we have ever bought!! Sometimes he crawls into his room and just gets in his tent. Mikah has five teeth now, and he loves to brush them! Mikah loves books, he could read all day if I let him!! We need to find a local libray, our books are getting really old!! I can't wait to go back home and get moreWe flew here to Mississippi so we couldn't bring alot with us. Mikah loves to throw food and toys, it drives me nuts! I think I clean the kitchen floor ten times a day, if not more. But I love the little monster to pieces. Here are some cute pics of Mikah from hs Bday and also from the past month!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going Private!!

We are making our blog private... Please leave your email address or send me an email to to view our blog. Anyone that wants to view our blog can send me an email... even if you don't have a blog and would like to view our blog.. Thank you

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 months

sorry all the pics are off my phone... once our laptop gets fixed i will post more
Mikah is a moving machine!! He is crawling and climbing and destroying everything. He weighs 21 pounds. He loves food... but not in the form of mushy baby food. (hates that) His favorite food as of now is strawberries, at the grocery store he wants to eat them as soon as they enter the shopping cart.  Mikah loves his mommy.. when I am out of sight he gets really really upset. He says mamma and dada very well. He says mo.. for more. He say da for Dakota which is our dog. They are best friends, Mikah and Dakota play together all the time.  Mikah finally knows the meaning of the word "no". The only time he pretends he doesn't know it is when he is climbing up the stairs!! He is still only has two teeth.. and I am not sure I want him to get anymore.... anytime soon!!! He loves to brush his teeth, only with adult tooth brushes! Mikah loves sports.... which is  a really good thing cause his dad does too. Mikah kicks soccer balls, makes baskets in his bball hoop, and can play pass. He loves to swim, in Puerto Rico we couldn't keep him out of the water he loved it so much. He also loves to dance, he puts his hands above his head and bounces up and down when he hears music and when he is sung to he claps his hands. In Puerto Rico Mikah was in deep sleep on my lap against my chest, Riahanna song comes on and Mikah wakes up immediatly and starts dancing.... really funny. Well thats our little man in a nut shell... I will post Puerto Rico soon!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

8 months old

Wow.. Where do i start this month, so much has changed.. Besides Mikah being sick alot this past month. He is crawling all over the place and getting into everything!! He has one bottom tooth that has broken the surface. He also loves food, any kind!! He is eating alot of different solid foods. Finally likes riding in the car, maybe cause we got a new car?? I think he can see out the windows now and doesn't get board and just quietly falls a sleep. Mikah doesnt really like his pacifier anymore. This is a love hate situation!!! Mikah gets the chills when he pees, ever since I switched to cloth diapers he does this.. its really funny to watch! Oh did i mention he found a new toy.. his little boy part... One night we were changing Mikahs diaper, he started playing with his...... you know what... and I said really load."Hey what are you doing" he shrugged hos shoulders and started giggling. He is a true boy! Mikah is pulling himself up on furniture, but gets scared if he stands up to long because he doesn't want to fall. Mikah can say Ma ma as of last month.. Yeah his first word!!!! But last week Mikah, Leo and I were laying in bed one morning and Mikah rolled over to Leo and started to crawl towards him saying Da Da... now he says it all the time!! He is getting so old its crazy!!