Monday, December 6, 2010

8 months old

Wow.. Where do i start this month, so much has changed.. Besides Mikah being sick alot this past month. He is crawling all over the place and getting into everything!! He has one bottom tooth that has broken the surface. He also loves food, any kind!! He is eating alot of different solid foods. Finally likes riding in the car, maybe cause we got a new car?? I think he can see out the windows now and doesn't get board and just quietly falls a sleep. Mikah doesnt really like his pacifier anymore. This is a love hate situation!!! Mikah gets the chills when he pees, ever since I switched to cloth diapers he does this.. its really funny to watch! Oh did i mention he found a new toy.. his little boy part... One night we were changing Mikahs diaper, he started playing with his...... you know what... and I said really load."Hey what are you doing" he shrugged hos shoulders and started giggling. He is a true boy! Mikah is pulling himself up on furniture, but gets scared if he stands up to long because he doesn't want to fall. Mikah can say Ma ma as of last month.. Yeah his first word!!!! But last week Mikah, Leo and I were laying in bed one morning and Mikah rolled over to Leo and started to crawl towards him saying Da Da... now he says it all the time!! He is getting so old its crazy!!

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