Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Vacation

The past few weeks have been crazy. Leo Mikah and I went to visit family on the east coast. Our First stop was Durham North Carolina. Leo sister Carol and her family are there while her husband finishes his last year at Duke. We have not seen them in 10 months so they had never met Mikah. While we were there we went to some really cool kids museums. They made Leo and I wish we were kids again and could actually play with all the cool things they had there. While we were there Elijah our nephew got baptised. It was really special to have most of the family all together. Right before we were about to go to New York to visit Leo's brothers Mikah got really really sick and had a fever of 104. It was so sad to see him that sick.... But after 2 days on Medication he seamed to be getting better so we went to New York. This was my first time to New York and I loved it. I really want to move there cause I miss my cute sister in laws.