Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 months old and Utah trip

Mikah and I came back to utah to visit my family cause I missed them dearly! But I don't think I missed them as much as they missed Mikah!! When we got to Utah my mom had the guest bedroom ready for us with a new comfortable matress(the old one sucked!) and new toys and tons of new clothes for baby and I. We were spoiled! It has been alot of fun being here with my family, but we sure miss Leo. So next week we are headed back to Montana only for one more month then we can finally move back to Utah and live in our house! Here are some pics of our vacation so far and there are more to come!

Also Mikah is four months old! Time flys when your having fun! This month has gone by so fast!! Mikah is about 17 lbs. I think.. and He loves to play with toys. He can move around on the floor like a little worm towards toys on the floor. He loves to drink out of my cup!! He loves to sleep, I put him to bed at nine, he sleeps till ten in the morning with only two sometimes three feedings. Them takes a 2 hr. nap at noon! I am glad he likes sleep cause so do I. I gave in and bought a CASE of jean diapers. I think they are so cute! I wish he could wear them all the time! Mikah's favorite person is my little sister Jessie, no matter what mood he is in she can make him laugh or smile! He has his first crush..... Below are some pics. Mikah went  swimming at grandmas house for the first time, with my brother steve. He didn't know what to think of it.
WE went on a trip to beaver to go to a rodeo and some races. Mikah loved just chilling in the shade and eating cotton candy!! We  had so much fun in utah we are sad to leave. Mikah will miss all his cool toys at grandma's house!

Friday, July 9, 2010

3 months old and The 4th

Mikah is 3 months old already!! I can't belive it! He is so big he is wearing 3-6 months clothing.. and some are tight! He is a big ball of milk. He continues to love food. My new favorite snack is graham crakers and Mikah really likes them too. I am a naughty mom and let him suck on them! He likes to make spit bubbbles and love to laugh and play all day long. He is definatly a mommy's boy! I am amazed at how fast he is growing and learning. Leo and I love him so so much we are so blessed to have him. Here are so pics of our "big" little man.