Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our New Yard!!!!

Well.... When we got home from Iowa we had tons of weeds, covering our whole yard. Since in our hood we have HOA fees and regulations we had to have our yard done by October 1st, or we would have to pay 1000.00 fine.(This post is Kinda Late!!) So this took us one week to get sprinklers and everything! I am so happy to say that our yard is finally done! It is really not much fun working in the yard when your pregnant, cause when I am done I am exhausted! Next year it will be fun to plant some flowers and stuff. It was to late in the year to spend money on flowers when they are just going to die!! YAH... Our baby will actually have somewhere to play outside!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Think BLUE!!!!!!

We are having a baby BOY! We are so excited! Leo, my mom and I went to the doctors the other day and it was confirmed... It's a boy! This was the first ultrasound that Leo got to see the baby, he was so excited, he just kept asking, "what is that?" ha ha its not like ultrasounds are that unclear! during the ultrasound the baby was moving all over the place! Leo was so cute, he just kept giggling watching him break dance. As soon as the doctor annonced that it was a boy, Leo started yelling really loud, clapping and;cheering.(so loud I was embarassed by him)After when we were in the lobby checking out he called his dad, and I will not tell you what he was saying, let me just say..... I was even more embarassed in the lobby! We are so excited!!