Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mikah Newborn pics

My sweet neighbor Jessica offered to do his pictures for free. So I took her up on the offer, cause newborn pics are really expensive. The plan was to give Mikah a bath, feed him lots of milk and then he would fall into a deep slumber so we could move him around, but Mikah had differnent plans. He decided that he wanted to stay awake practically the whole time, this made it difficult to put him in any postion!! But, we made the best of the little bugger, and got some cute ones! Thanks Jessica!!!!!
I know he is almost 1 month old but my brothers friend might do a few more before we leave to Montana, for my mom for mothers day! If I decide to get those I will post those as well!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


We have family all over the United States, and my dad in China at the moment, that I promised we would keep posting pictures of Mikah so that they don't miss a beat! ... Mikah is getting so big, he no longer fits in newborn clothes, and he is only 3 weeks old!!! Mikah loves to eat...... sometimes I try and give him a pacifier thinking that he just wants to suck and he FREAKS out, cause there is no food that comes out of the pacifier. He is going to be a chunk, till he starts playing soccer with dad and running off some of this baby fat that he is accumulating! My neighbor took some newborn pics of Mikah the other day, I will post some of them later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day with Dad

Leo has been working like crazy trying to get things ready for the summer. Mikah and I are on house arrest till he is 1 month old, because I don't want him to get sick. So I decided that we needed to enjoy the nice sunny weather, so we took lunch to Leo's office. Leo was so excited to see his little man and wanted him to stay all day. Leo is such a cute dad, he hates leaving Mikah (and me)(HOPEFULLY) for more than five mins. He still is a bit of a baby hog, but lets be honest, I hate putting him down as well. Here are some pics from our first day out and about, to visit dad.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We are finally home from the hospital

This is Mikah coming home from the hospital, his first car ride.
We are finally home from the hospial, although we are having sleepless nights we are just loving our new addition to the family. It is so nice holding a baby that is not attatched to so many monitors. Leo and I are loving learning to be a parent. Mikah is doing well, he just eat sleeps and poops. Mikah refuses to sleep anywhere but on mom or dad's chest. I think that could be a bad habit, but for now I am ok with it because   I hate setting him down. I love being a mom, I am so thankful for our little man!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Update

Today Mikah did great and is getting released from the NICU. I get to pick him up at midnight and he gets to come upstairs to our room. Hopefully we get released tommorrow and can go home and spend time with baby Mikah. I  feel like he is in baby jail, we can only go and hold him every three hours to feed him. It sucks!!!!! Leo is so cute, he is totally a baby hog, and he admits it. But, I love watching  my husband be with the baby, he keeps telling everyone that he is all rainbows and bunnies inside. He loves being a dad! This morning we went to feed Mikah and Leo always wants to burp him and the one time I convince Leo to let me do  it, Mikah spits up right in my face and all in my hair. Leo was laughing so hard, because the one time he doesn't hog Mikah,  I got a nasty milk shower! Leo and I just hang out and watch the colck till we can go see our baby. But not anymore, we get to go get him in an hour!!!!!!!!!! I am the happiest woman alive, my baby is getting relased from baby jail and he is all mine. I dont have to come up with evil kiddnapping plans anymore, and I can take as many pictures as I want.

Our baby!!!

Well the only time we can go and spend time with Mikah is when he needs to be fed. Here are some pics that we snuck!!! He was just so cute we could not resist! We will keep updating our blog for our family and friends to know what is going on...
Today Mikah was doing really well he was off the oxygen for a few hours and after I fed him, I guess i put him into a food coma! Not really, but he goes into a deep sleep after I feed him and that is when his oxygen level is low. So they had to give him more oxygen...... I was so sad, cause you go through all this pain to hold your baby in your arms, and now other people have to take care of him. I think he will be in there for a few more days, hopefully not longer. But, I will keep everyone posted on his progress. I am just thankful that my huband holds the priesthood and gave him a blessing. I am thankful that we have our heavenly father to thank for this beautiful child that we have here on this earth with us. We truly are blessed that we are trusted to raise his children in these times. Thank you for all that everyone has done for us, and  your paryers.
As for me, Im feeling great, just anxious to get home and start raising this little guy. Leo is ready to give him a soccer ball, and teach him how to handle the ladies. hahahah. Thanks again for all of you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our beautiful son has finally arrived. He is so cute!!!!! He has lots of hair and was a big baby 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches long. I am so thankful he is here, leo and I are absolutly in love with him. He was born yesterday at 1:40 pm and I have only got to see him for about 30 mins, because he had to make a trip to the NICU (hopefully not a long one). When he was born he was stuck in the birth canal for a really long time and swollowed some blood, so he had to have his stomach pumped and has not been breathing very high oxygen levels. So when he comes to be with mom and dad we can get more pictures.
He is going to kill me for posting these nude pics when he is older. But its the only pics we have till he gets out of the NICU. There are no pictures of mom, cause I looked like death, after a really long labor and I was dumb and when I was sweating would dump glasses of water on my face!!! Yeah I know I was being crazy! And after the birth I was all tears all night long worried about my baby.
I deleted the naked baby photos since my blog is not private

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hospital here we come!

Finally tonight we get to journey to the hospital! This is a long awaited journey. Keep posted, for in the next day or so we should have a new addition to the family.