Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 YEAR OLD...Better late than never!!

I have waited long enough to post!! I am waiting a few more months to go private because we will be traveling and want our family to be able to view our blog. Mikah is A LITTLE OVER ONE!! I never thought this day would come.. Mikah is such a blessing to our lives. He makes me enjoy the simple things in life all over again. I can never go outside with out playing with sticks looking for bugs and animals. I love feeling like a kid again!! He is my very best friend, and I couldn't ever go a day without him!!! Mikah is walking, but still a little off balance. Mikah is really good at baby signs... he can tell me more, food, milk, bottle, bye bye, night night. He can make animal sounds and point out body parts. He loves food but is very picky!! He likes to pick out his own food, the kid is very opinionated!! Mikah loves to play outside and loves playing ball and sports. Every morning he goes to watch Leo play basketball and just sits in his stroller without making a peep! Everyday we take Dakota on a walk and Mikah has to hold the leash. Mikah loves going swimming.... but has grown to hate the bath tub, oddly enough. Since we are living in Mississippi for a few months we bought him a travel bed, that is a tent. He loves it so much it has been the best thing we have ever bought!! Sometimes he crawls into his room and just gets in his tent. Mikah has five teeth now, and he loves to brush them! Mikah loves books, he could read all day if I let him!! We need to find a local libray, our books are getting really old!! I can't wait to go back home and get moreWe flew here to Mississippi so we couldn't bring alot with us. Mikah loves to throw food and toys, it drives me nuts! I think I clean the kitchen floor ten times a day, if not more. But I love the little monster to pieces. Here are some cute pics of Mikah from hs Bday and also from the past month!