Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing Sara Sagebin....

Yesterday Our little Niece Sara Sagebin was born. She is so cute', and so small, she is 5lbs 10oz. She was born a few weeks early, but is just perfect!!! I kept saying to myself as soon as Rod and Clarice have their baby, I am just around the corner. Since she was born a few weeks early this gives me a little more time! But, it really made it real for Leo that we are going to have a baby soon. He wanted to stay at the hospital all day and play with the baby. He is going to be such a good dad. When we were at the hospital waiting for Rod and Clarice to have the baby, Leo was waiting outside the door...... just so he could hear the baby cry for the first time! I was to embarrased to be waiting in the hall with my ear to a Labor and Delivery room. He looked like some weirdo. HA. We have been taking child birthing classes at the hospital, and Leo has learned so much, everytime we get into a conversation about child birth, he throws out all these technical terms!!! He loves it, excpet for last week....... the last 20mins. of class we were learning relaxation stuff and they were teaching the husbands how to massage the wifes back when she is in labor.. Leo did it for about ten mins. right when I was RELAXED, Leo whispers in my ear..."I know why you signed me up for this class now" We both started laughing so hard, and ruined this relaxation time for the class!!!!!! I can't wait to have our baby!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The first of January we went to DISNEYLAND with the Sagebin Clan. It was so much fun we where in Califonia for a whole week. It was good to visit with Leo's sisiter Carol and her Kids. ( We never see them because they live in Missouri) Disneyland was a blast...... But not very prego friendly!! I love ridding the rides at disneyland, but this time because I am pregnant, I only rode a select few. I would watch all the kids while the adults went on rides. It was a funnysight, I wish I had a picture, I have a huge pregnant belly, a five month old baby(my neice Hannah) in a sling, while I pushed a two year old in a strolller. It was funny to see how people looked at me like I was some crazy baby machine. We also got to see our freinds Chad and Whitney, it was so much fun, Leo and I love Cali! We always talking about moving there, but lets be honest its just a dream! Here are some pictures from our fabulous vacation!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leo Starts Beauty School...

Let me just start by saying my husband will NEVER attempt to cut anyones hair EVER AGAIN!

Leo and I were driving home one night and I asked Leo if when we got home he could give Dakota a bath. It was late, my husband got this bright idea......... He thought he could cut our dogs hair before he gave him a bath. I tried to convince him not to for 20 minuntes. I told him that cuting a dogs hair is not as easy as he thinks. He didn't listen to my advice and attempted to TRY and cut it. After an hour, Dakota came into our bedroom looking like this!!!!! Leo and I kept laughing cause he looked so funny. Leo appoligized over and over again, saying I should have listened to you, IT was NOT that EASY!!!!(if you can't tell he really butched our dogs hair!) It was a good laugh, we just have a cold hairless dog!!!