Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Yesterday Leo and I went to a diary farm. It was smelly, but really fun. My friend Andrea grew up on this cute little farm in the country here in Washington. It was fun to see how much work goes into a gallon of milk! Anyway after we looked at the farm we went jet skiing on the Columbia River. It was such a blast! It was a lot different than jet skiing on a lake, because you could drive down the river for hours and explore. I also got to play with Caiden, and Addy(Chris and Andrea's really really cute kids!). Today is that last day of summer! If we wanted we could leave! BUT.... Leo really loves his job and wants to stay for another month! He is nuts, he really wants to make his goal of 260 sales. I am fine with it, I love Washington! And some good news to my fellow friends that just moved to the islands... Leo won the trip to Hawaii today! I am so excited! I think we are coming some time in October!

My poor Husband worked so hard this summer, knocking door to door everyday. He would come home so tired and he would still always have energy to do what ever I wanted to do every night! Trust me after walking all day I know the last thing he wanted to do was play tennis, go on walks and go shopping. Everyday he would still give me all his extra time and energy! All his hard work has payed off we are looking back at the summer and enjoyed every minute of it! It was such a blessing! And I am thankful we decided to do summer sales!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Benton County Fair and Rodeo..

Leo come home from work early yesterday and took me to the Fair and the Rodeo. It was a blast. We were laughing the whole time. Just a few fun stories from last night.. Leo and I were late to the Rodeo. We are walking up this huge set of bleachers and there was only one spot left to sit....... AND some kid had Vomited all over three rows of the bleachers.( It was disgusting) But some lady behind us just started wiping it up with her hands and everyone was just staring and laughing at this poor lady.. I really don't think she knew what it was or she wouldn't have wiped it up with her bare hands. The worst part was she went and sat down with her family and started eating. (without washing her hands). I forgot how gross fairs were..But they sure are fun/funny.

The picture above is another funny story. This is what I call legal child abuse.. I guess here in Washington. Well what happens is you buy your child a nice helmet, strap you child to a sheep and make the sheep run like lighting. It is hilarious. But kind of sad! The poor kids just hold on for dear life until they fall off. (that is why they wear helmets).

My cute husband was like a little kid at the fair. Not only did he want to ride the poor little sheep, he wanted to ride the rides and insisted on having ice cream. He is so cute!

We also had a chance to finally go to the river. We went on a walk and played one on one volleyball and soccer.. It was a blast!! We love Washington and Leo and I are going to hopefully come sell here next summer.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I missed my hubby.....

I went to Utah once again... and this time I had to go with out my husband! It was good to see my Family, but I missed Leo. Leo forgot how to function while I was gone. He Slept at the guys apartment and ate out every night and enjoyed sleepless nights of HALO! I am so happy I am back! Leo and I are now planning all our summer vacations now that we are almost done! Leo has won 2 cruises! Also when Leo got over 100 sales we decided to plan an end of summer sales trip.... Leo left me in charge of that! So we are going to Ecuador for a few weeks to work in an orphanage! Its not Leo's ideal beach bathing vacation(not that he really needs a tan) , but he is excited. However I loved being home with my family! I have had something fun to do everyday. Um I think after this weekend I really really want a baby. Because I went to Melissa's baby shower, I also got to visit Andrea and her new baby boy Caiden! AND....................................... I think I really, really, really want a baby! Oh and last weekend I cut off all my hair! I will post a picture when I decide that I really need batteries for my camera. And we have bad news my two best friends are moving to HAWAII! When Danielle comes home she is going to move in with Leo and I and watch our baby.. (MAYBE) ha ha! I will miss you gals enjoy and don't skin cancer! I WILL NOT have wrinkled baby sitters!