Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day At the River

Ally, me and Abby... And Mikah
Well Sunday after church we decided that it would be fun to go fishing! Keep in mind we have THREE couples and ONE fishing pole!!! We went to this little town about 30 mins away. Parked our car in a small farm and walked to the river. It was fun watching Jordan fish for about 20 mins. then we decided we would move on to bigger and better things..... like frog hunting! So Leo put on Jordan's fishing gear and went in a nasty swamp to catch the BABY frogs!!! It was so much fun, we decided to take eight of them home and make a natrual habit for them.

This is what our little Mikah Man did the whole time! I can't wait till we can catch frogs and or fish as a family.

This is how big the frogs are.. so  tiny! But they sure did fool us! We took 8 of these noisy things home! They were so noisy we decided that we would hide them in one of the single guys rooms...... one so we didn't have to deal with the load crooks and two cause it was fun to play a prank for a change! I used to play pranks all the time, but I can only pull so many pranks on Leo..
Ally, Wes, and Abby. Funny how the girls are excited and as you can see Wes was freaking out cause it was trying to escape!
The boys fishing

Ok here is our happy dog dakota! He loved being able to be off his leash and run free! He was running for 3 hours straight, chasing all sorts of things! Also this was before he though Jordan was drowing..... 
Dakota jumped in the river to save Jordan!! He loves Jordan, and for some weird reason thought he was drowing or something... and came to the rescue! Dakota  hates water, so it was a shocking sight, that he  jumped in the river. It was fun to see him swim for the first time!
And.... After!!!!
This is the "natrual habit" that the boys made for the frogs, this was much better than the water bottle they called home before.
And let me just say they lived happily ever after, back in the river!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home on the Range!!

We have finally arrived where Leo will be working for the summer.... It was a long 2 weeks without Leo alone with the baby. But, with all the help from our families, I made it!!! I was a little nervous about driving 9 hours in a car with a baby, but it was not that bad he would wake up to eat and go right back to sleep! It was so nice, usually he hates the car. It has been great, there is lots of outdoor activities and lots of my friends are here, so I have not been board.I(YET). But, Mikah keeps me very busy!! We have been filling our time with walks, shopping and girl talk, and fishing. And in the evenings we hangout and go group dates. It has been alot of fun. Here are some pics of some events..
Our handsome little son, happy as can be in the car!! This is a change! He is getting so big, he used to look like a little doll in his car seat, let me just say he is filling it out!!!!!! He is such a chunk, I love him double chin and all!!!
This is our group date to Cold Stone, It has been really fun. Leo's highschool friends Brett Selzer, and Jordan Bryner  are working for him. So he is having a really great time hanging out with them.  Poor Brett the fifth wheel. We need to find him a special lady!!!
Leo fishing with the guys!!! And our poor dog, dakota!!! He has been so board since Mikah was  born.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mikah's Blessing

Today was a special mother's day. Leo blessed Mikah today! It is such a spirital experiance to have your husband bless your child! It was the best mother's day I have ever had! (since this is my first) i bet it will get better every year though! But here are some pics from this special day. We were missing alot of our family, we wish they could have been here to share this special day with us! Here are some pics.........

Leo and I didn't get any pics, so we stole these ones from my mom!! So they are all of my dad A.K.A SUPER DAD, he doesn't want to be called grandpa!!!! And my cute little sis Jessie, who I love so much!

Mikah is getting so big! He is one month old and he weights 11 lbs. 4 oz. the doc said he was off the growth chart, I think my milk is just pure cream!!! Kidding but, he is a chunk, I lovew him and his double chin! He is just a big boy, that loves milk!