Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 months

sorry all the pics are off my phone... once our laptop gets fixed i will post more
Mikah is a moving machine!! He is crawling and climbing and destroying everything. He weighs 21 pounds. He loves food... but not in the form of mushy baby food. (hates that) His favorite food as of now is strawberries, at the grocery store he wants to eat them as soon as they enter the shopping cart.  Mikah loves his mommy.. when I am out of sight he gets really really upset. He says mamma and dada very well. He says mo.. for more. He say da for Dakota which is our dog. They are best friends, Mikah and Dakota play together all the time.  Mikah finally knows the meaning of the word "no". The only time he pretends he doesn't know it is when he is climbing up the stairs!! He is still only has two teeth.. and I am not sure I want him to get anymore.... anytime soon!!! He loves to brush his teeth, only with adult tooth brushes! Mikah loves sports.... which is  a really good thing cause his dad does too. Mikah kicks soccer balls, makes baskets in his bball hoop, and can play pass. He loves to swim, in Puerto Rico we couldn't keep him out of the water he loved it so much. He also loves to dance, he puts his hands above his head and bounces up and down when he hears music and when he is sung to he claps his hands. In Puerto Rico Mikah was in deep sleep on my lap against my chest, Riahanna song comes on and Mikah wakes up immediatly and starts dancing.... really funny. Well thats our little man in a nut shell... I will post Puerto Rico soon!!